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Swimming Fastest

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Swimming Fastest
By Ernest Maglischo

Put science to work for you in the pool to swim stronger and faster than ever! Swimming Fastest is a fully revised and updated version of Swimming Faster, widely considered by coaches and swimmers as one of the best books ever written on competitive swimming. Author Ernest Maglischo reveals the science behind the training methods that led his teams to 13 NCAA Division II national championships.

Swimming Faster is the definitive reference on stroke technique and training methods. In addition to explaining what swimmers should do, Maglischo explains why techniques and training are to be executed a certain way.

A primary feature in the book is a thorough and insightful technique analysis of the four primary strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Accompanying the text are more than 500 photographs and illustrations, including photos of world-class swimmers demonstrating picture-perfect form. Supporting the technical instruction is a complete explanation of the physiological basis for the most effective training methods, including detailed sample workouts and training programs for each event.

Swimming Fastest will benefit every serious swimmer and swimming coach. Gain new knowledge, refine technique, maximize training, and trim precious seconds off previous record times.
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