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Breakthrough Swimming

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Breakthrough Swimming
By Cecil M. Colwin

In Breakthrough Swimming, legendary swimming coach and historian Cecil Colwin describes how competitive swimmers of the modern era- such as swimming giants Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett- apply innovative training methods and stroke techniques to set new standards of performance.

All four strokes as well as starts and turns are presented in thorough detail in Colwin’s easy-to-grasp instructional style. Not only will you gain a greater understanding of competitive swimming through its origins and evolution, but you’ll also learn these skills:

  • Improve stroke technique, starts, and turns.
  • Develop a better training program and understand the principles of training.
  • Apply the latest research in hydrodynamics and the propulsive mechanisms of speed swimming to create ultimate speed through water.
  • Coach the “feel” of the water to help swimmers detect and manipulate the water flow with ever-increasing dexterity.

Internationally acclaimed sport physiologist Dr. David Pyne, recipient of the Australian Sports Medal for his work with that country’s Olympic swimming team, contributed a special chapter to the book. Pyne covers all phases of modern training, from physiological testing and monitoring to race preparation and post competition analysis.

The engaging book also offers an inside look at how the sport has evolved, especially in recent years, with the advent of professional swimming and the growing specter of performance-enhancing drugs. Combining the latest technical innovations with a revealing historical context, Breakthrough Swimming is the definitive work on the past, present, and future of competitive swimming.

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